The Inishkea Tragedy

It's 93 years since a fierce storm hit the West coast of Ireland.

Many lives would be lost along the coast that night.

The tragedy would forever change the Inishkea islands on the west Mayo coast

The Broadhaven Bay Lookout Post

Keith takes a look at the old Broadhaven bay, world war 2 lookout post

with JT Gaughan from Belmullet 

Lá an Logha The fair on the Edge of the Bay

The 15 of August is the traditional Fair day here in Erris. 

We produced this video in 2017 to give you a flavour of Lá an Logha or "The day of indulgence" as we like to call it.

The Dice are on the Carpet

76 years since the Normandy Landings or D-day .

Here is a little reminder of the part Blacksod bay played in History's biggest invasion.

The story of the Children of Lír

Inishglora Island less then a mile from the Erris coast is reputed to be the final resting place of 4 Royal children but how did they get here ?

Washed ashore - The USS Sunbird 

The rediscovery of a Life-ring that washed ashore here in Blacksod bay probably in the late 70s or early 80s leads us on the trail of the USS Sunbird, a submarine rescue ship with quite the history.


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